Counting down the days

Good morning, good afternoon and goodnight, power phrase from good old comedy, from my childhood.

Quick catch up with sales for Christmas here are few photos of my happy customers

Opening to my new year’s blog catching up what’s been happening so far in January 2018.

Well, it’s nearly February and how has the new year panned out for you, so far.

January has been a busy month with the tail end of ” Shared Observations presented by Core Collective, Now On held at Solihull Hospital in aid of FOSH charity Friends of Solihull Hospital, it has been successful Art Exhibition for the Core Collective The birth of the Core Collective   So glad all our artists has received positive feedback along with plenty of art being sold by our members, in particular, Carolina Arbuthnot. Carolina paints brightly coloured landscapes, I am really happy for her success with this exhibition, our show at the hospital.

Carol collection 4

January on the whole been sorting out the next Art Exhibitions for the Core Collective for 2018 including making sure I have plenty of art to display. At times my head has been blown over by organising the events including the researching the history of Birmingham for my art and having time to paint.

Just  small collection of my art going up.

Running the Core Collective for the West Midlands is an enjoyable but hard work to promote our members artwork, I am delighted therefore to announce two new members will be joining us for our next exhibitions, Maggie Leaver & Andrew Martin will be showing their collection of art. Maggie is a watercolour artist while Andrew is handy with is hands with wood crafts. I am really looking forward to seeing both collections of the woodwork and watercolours on display with us.


In the middle of arranging our Fine Art Exhibitions for the coming year ahead, concentrating on the 1st half of the year with the Core Collective, are now planned and booked with the galleries in Birmingham & Solihull, together with others planned and are currently being arranged.

Introducing Andy Hayward sculptures to you, sizes ranges from table top to garden ornaments all handmade and carved from stone or wood.

These wonderful crafted artwork come from his studio made with loving care and we hope later in the summer to announce news to watch him make a piece of artwork.


Keep an eye out for more news.

2018 Coming Art Exhibitions

Art Exhibitions 2018
News of Core Collective Art Exhibition for 2018, more news to follow.

Hope you come along and visit us and join us for Opening Nights for the full evening of entertainment with live music, raffle prizes kindly donated by the artists all in aid of our chosen charities Disability Resource Centre or FOSH.


Disability Resource Centre




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