The birth of the Core Collective

After returning to painting after many years suffering from a long illness of deep depression I made the decision and taking my 1st commission, to paint a landscape and refound the love of painting again it and it was an answer to finding the light at the end of the dark tunnel.

I was able to express myself through art, not written words and following a number of other landscapes bright and cheerful I think this was an expression where my journey had begun and where I wanted to go.


The next target or goal I placed was to pass the panic attack test and step out into town where I had avoided all these months and face the unknown and meet and chat to strangers, go shopping. This is when I discovered Karen Cross independent handmade arts & craft store Naissance store, in my hometown. Met with Karen and after showing photos of my art with her encouragement that my paintings would be the idea to show in her store.

This made me feel great, up to now I was my critic and family, friends.

My first website

In the meantime, I set up my website done nothing like this before it was a good learning kerb and decided my next goal would be to show them to the public gallery.

Local art groups

I then set about looking for local art groups around my area to join in order to be able to have an opportunity to display my art,

Joined them in the past but never at that time wanted to show.

But to my dismay found they were fully booked a waiting list. Then found an art group which turned out you had to apply for a job, fill out an application form, and wait for an interview and then they would make a decision. After looking at the membership it occurred to me it was made up of BA artists and would stand no chance of getting in. Plus I felt the public don’t care if the artist has a BA degree or not it comes down if they like the painting or not.

The decision to make the big step to the unknown

So fuck it will do it myself and hire the gallery myself.

The gallery space was too large for one artist and space was fully booked until the following year, this gave me time to find other artists to share the space.

I approached Karen about the idea and sharing this with the other artists in her store, and name the show after her store, thought this would help promote her store along with the other artists. She loved the idea and so I booked the gallery for Summer 2017.

Please take a look at our short film of our Summer Exhibition 2017

Unfortunately for several reasons out of Karen’s control the business failed and closed down soon afterwards.  However, I carried on with the exhibition plans this did not deter me with my goal.

I posted on Facebook if anybody would wish to join us and out from this Paul Turner replied and it was apparent he was on the same wavelength.

Paul & I met chatted about the plans and out of this the name Core Collective was born. With Paul’s help, he designed the logo and promotional posters. Including the Core Collective statement.

The idea of the Core Collective is for like-minded artists coming together to sharing costs for exhibitions and help each other promote our art to the community.  From our 1st exhibition in 2016 to the end of 2017 the Core Collective had five exhibitions our membership is growing with artists, landscape painters, Birmingham cityscapes, abstract artists,  3D, photographers, needlework and sculptures.

Plus we had the TV cameras coming down to cover our Summer Exhibition 2017 and being interviewed on camera.

From that small roots grow and the buds form, new growth, flowers are forming.

Moseley Exchange Art Exhibition 2016

Great success May / July 2017

Summer Exhibition 2017 Courtyard Gallery

13886310_10205598007229641_6372867672969661584_ncore collective statement


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