Second Breakfast, acrylic painting

“Show me your Birmingham” presented by Anchor Gallery. Oct 2017

show me your brum


This year has been a busy time for me entering other galleries around Birmingham, along with arranging, sorting out the Core Collective Fine Art Exhibitions.


I have been following Anchor Gallery on twitter for a while now, this is where 1st saw there posting for calling for artists to enter into the gallery.


However, the gallery pops up anywhere around the Midlands which can be argued it never in one place longer another to find a permanent home.


However, they like to put a different spin on showing art, like it or not it’s different way of displaying art, photos, music and film along with reading poetry.

Only criticism one could lay at their door was unable to identify any artist’s works showing, with an absence of a booklet identifying the artist’s work it remained anonymous

The exhibition was on a week and you had to pay to go and see any of the events they had on!!.  I entered 4 paintings showing the story of Our Lady travels around the Gun Quarter in Birmingham

Gunmakers Arms
Pete Davies & Kevin Thomas photos on display.


The location of the Anchor Gallery chosen for this year’s event could not be better, The Gunmakers Arms, what could be better than a pub goes and view art over a pint.



Fine Arts Exhibition “Hidden Talents” presented by Arches Project, Digbeth, Birmingham Nov 2017

Meeting Dan LLywelyn Hall on 02-11-2017

Christmas is coming, Paperdolls Handmade Market “Digmas”

Paperdolls Handmade Markets
Christmas Market 2017 held at Custard Factory, Digbeth, BirminghamChristmas is coming, Paperdolls Handmade Market “Digmas”


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