For further information about dyslexia and verbal dyspraxia.   

For those, you don’t fully understand dyslexia it not just about poor spelling, maths it also includes reading and understanding verbal instructions.  For example, somebody can hear and repeat a joke or are able to talk about the storyline in a TV program watched the night before but if you suffer from dyslexia some suffers are unable to repeat jokes or join in & repeat a storyline on a TV program the following day.  It’s not they don’t get the joke or appreciate the TV show it’s their short-term memory to hold information.

For more information about please click on the link below.

A brief outline on Verbal Dyspraxia which I only found out and understood I suffered from all my life when I was diagnosed when I was still working.  I went to Speech & Language Therapist who specializes in this field. Finally, I understood why I missed conversations if I was in a crowd it was not poor hearing but the symptoms of Verbal Dyspraxia.  It explained why I had problems understanding hearing different dialects. Including speech,

Along with this some words I am unable to say, due to problems hearing sounds, saying sounds, syllables, and words. as a result, I avoid saying them. It’s a strange sometimes I can say the word and next time it comes out like a tongue twister.

For  a greater understanding how it affects adults just click into the link below

Disability Resource Centre

Paula Gabb Creative artist proud to be from Birmingham


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