Louise McKiernan DRC charity

Disability Resource Centre

Disability Resource Centre

Louise McKiernan DRC charity
Louise McKiernan CEO of Disability Resource Centre interview with Made in Birmingham TV with the Lowdown


I approached DRC Disability Resource Centre in March 2016 a local charity who helps with people with disabilities offer a range of services including advice, training to help gain self-confidence in their own abilities including help getting into the workplace.

I am extremely grateful to them after chatting about my art and showing examples what I had done in the past. It was from this meeting it was suggested if I was unable to face returning to work in an office at that time.  To help rebuild my self-esteem and confidence trust in myself returning to painting would be a good starting point.

As a thank you for supporting me during my time of rediscovering new avenue of life after my working career, the Core Collective are now supporting them with fundraising towards their art groups.

For more information on Disability Resource Centre,


http://disability.co.uk/get-involved/make-donationDRC Donations



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