First blog by Paula Gabb, Birmingham Artist


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Hello folks welcome to my blog.

Hello everybody, well this is my 1st blog and like most folk you think to yourself why start a blog, and to be frank, I not sure myself, I ask the question how many blogs have I come across and the answer are very few. When I have it’s by accident and comes across a link to them.  Don’t get me wrong I tried searching for them on subjects relating to what I’m looking for as well history for my home city or for old photos posted on blogs, as a general example


  • Stories about my home city
  • Blogs on various subjects
  • Memories/history of Birmingham streets/building etc
  • Old photos of Birmingham
  • Advice/information about art written by artists for artists.


But found Google search engines don’t index titles, subjects etc or photos separately in blogs so therefore had very little luck finding them. unless you know the name of the website, how do you find them?


If you know the answer, please let me know, there must be thousands writing them and know the answer please give me a clue.


Why a blog


Starting off, my the 1st thought will anybody find this blog, and will they bother reading it if they do or be interested in my story becoming a full-time artist. But in the end, does it matter I felt it was good to note down how I reached this point in my life.


Background why I became a full-time artist.


Firstly, a little bit about myself I am a wife and mother of two grown-up lads and live in Solihull my mother also lives with us and we take care of her, she will be 90 in 2018.  I lived and worked in the area for the last few years. I was fortunate to be able to work part-time most of my 30 years of working life  where I enjoyed working in a large team, the fun times we had and was happy, successful and well respected in the department.


As this is my 1st blog I will apologise for any poor grammar as I suffer from dyslexia and have verbal dyspraxia.  For further information on how this has shaped me and influenced my artist development see the link below.

For further information about dyslexia and verbal dyspraxia.   





In my final few years of working suffering from chronic stress & deep depression, I must have rattled with the number of tablets I was on.   My health declined I was rock bottom I was in a mess unable to cope with the daily tasks at work or at home with support from my family, I finally left work still under the NHS Mental Health Care.  It took over a year after leaving work when I was able to step out of the house and face the world once more.

Over the hedge-ANIMATION[2]

This is where it all started

In April 2016 I returned to painting in oils with a palette knife, painting landscapes my 1st love. After doing a few commissions for mates and rediscovering my love of art and finding my way back to rebuilding my self-esteem. Art has given me a way of expressing myself of telling a story with Our Lady in my Birmingham cityscapes in a way that writing a book It would be a challenge to having dyslexia.


Over the hedge, oil painting North Wales
Landscape oil painting on box canvas North Wales 60 x 60 cm
Downton Castle, Oil Painting
Oil Painting on box canvas 100 x 50 cm

In the summer of 2016 with a few more oil paintings of landscapes done I approached an independent Arts & Crafts outlet on the high street for advice about the level of standard of work, I had produced. I was delighted by Karen Cross response that she was willing to show them in her store.
After her encouragement about my art, I then hired the local gallery to show my work for the following year 2017.
However, the space was so large, and I knew I would not be able to fill the gallery space. This is when I returned and approached the Karen Cross a professional photographer of cityscapes the owner of the Arts & Crafts business if she would be interested in sharing the gallery with me.



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